On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)



            Many people may hear that, “We know our birth date, but do not know our ending date.”  To born and to live on this earth, some people wonder what exactly the purpose of life is?   Born to be a rich?  Born to find the fortune? Born to be the most powerful man in the world so that one can control the whole world?  What is life about?

            Although there are varieties of answering about life, how many of us will carefully thinking about death?   Where will our spirits be after death?  Is there another world for our spirits to travel?   How many people will have the last chance for the farewell moment among their love ones before leaving the world?   Someone was abandoned alone in the last moment with no family and no friends.  Someone was immediately died in accident without knowing that his or her last day on earth had ending.  Someone had run away from life’s problems by committing suicide.   All of these cases that happened still never answer the truth of life that we are searching.

             Many people live all the rest of their lives without knowing and believing in any religion, or never put their trust in GOD.  However, some people, in the last moment, had their chances to know that all creatures in this world are created and loved by GOD as example story of two sisters, Tiem and Nokcom, who were Pee Pen’s friends.  Pee Pen (Mrs.Boonrat  Adams) would like to pass this story through me to share the world.


         Tiem and Nokcum were two sisters from Thailand and came to live in the USA before Pee Pen about two years.  Both sisters married with Americans.  Both couples settled their families in Alabama, and they lived closed to each other.  Therefore, Tiem and Nokcum could start their beauty business as joint ownership.  Tiem worked as a nail technician while Nokcum worked as a beautician.  Both of them had strong skill of their work from their previous jobs in Thailand, so everything went smoothly and succeed in their business plan.   They had a good reputation in their careers and very popular for all ages customers who liked their services, include Pee Pen.  

          Tiem and Nokcum were the same as many successful people who enjoy their luck and life with all materials things that they had.   Teim’s husband was the high rank officer; her family had one daughter and one son while Nokcum’s family had no children.  

           Both couple families  were busy in their lives’ routines.  Although they were  healthy in bodies and wealthy in their finance,  they careless to feed their souls and minds with words of GOD, and no any religion practice in their busy lives.  They forgot that all livings on earth are in GOD’s eyes every moment, and only GOD sets time for everything in this world.  As the Bible said in Ecclesiastes 3 (Good New Bible):

 A Time for Everything

“He sets the time for birth and the time for death,

the time for planting and the time for pulling up,

the time for killing and the time for healing,

the time for tearing down and the time for building.

He sets the time for sorrow and time for joy,

the time for morning and the time for dancing,

the time for making love and the time not for making love,

the time for kissing and the time for not kissing.

He sets the time for finding and the time for losing,

the time for saving and the time for throwing away,

the time for tearing and the time for mending,

the time for silence and the time for talk.

He sets the time for love and the time for hate,

the time for war and the time for peace.”


     Time passed by while many things changed in two sisters’ families.  The world’s trap is the fantastic sweet dream that many people do not want to wake up from it.  Until Teim went to the hospital ,  then she had to wake up from that sweet dream and found out that she had breast cancer. While she had to deal with her sickness, her husband began to have less and less time to spend with her, but he seemed more outgoing with his female co-worker. 

             The loneliness slowly took over her house.  Closing her beauty shop was the last step before Tiem turned to be the dying woman without hope to cure and without love to care from her husband.   Pee Pen was the last friend who tried to fill Tiem’s empty heart with hope, and shared sincerity friendship with words of GOD.  On the last day before leaving time, Pee Pen sat bedside her bed and whisper to her,

             “Tiem, as of now you still with us, you still have your sister and me to love and care for you, but when this time runs to the end, we cannot follow you to wherever you will be; only GOD can.  You will go to GOD only through your faith and believe.  GOD will comfort and take care of you in your next destination.”  

           Suddenly, Tiem opened eyes wide and screamed in the strange noise.  Everyone was frightened.  Finally, Tiem nodded to express herself that she understood and accepted GOD in her heart.  Her eyes slowly closed with tears drops and peacefully slept in Pee Pen’s arms, since then Tiem never wake up again.


           Two years later doctor found out that NokCum had Lymphocytic leukemia.  The name of her sickness already killed NokCum in the first moment that she heard that word from doctor.   She left the hospital with horrible feeling, as feeling of the prisoner heard the execution verdict.  Facing the sickness was bad enough, hearing about her husband had affair with the other woman even the worse.   NokCum had been spent her days alone in the empty house and the empty heart with no love from her husband, the man whom she devoted all the rest of her life for him.

                Pee Pen was the only  friend who often visited NokCum and supported her to live on with hope, although it was the dim hope, like the candle light in the wind, it better than nothing.  Every visiting, Pee Pen kept praying GOD with NokCum, and kept telling her about the love of GOD.  Sometime PeePen took NokCum to go out for lunch or dinner.  After learning to know about GOD, NokCum felt like she had someone in somewhere to look after her, and she not lived alone on earth anymore.    

                   “I would like to have GOD in my life.”  NokCum told PeePen in one day.   PeePen could not believe that all words she heard were from NokCum at that time.   

                   “However, I was not born in Christian. I never attended any church before.” NokCum continued.

                    “I’m glad and very happy to help you” PeePen said.

                    Finally, NokCum, in the weak body, but stronger mind, went through Baptize and born as a new Christian at the church (where is PeePen attending).  In the last moment, NokCum understood, “what is the purpose of living on earth?”  Living for sharing to each other with love of GOD.   

            However, on the twelfth day after Baptize, NokCum  left behind all her love ones as she used to leave her family from Thailand to USA, but this time her journey road directly forward to GOD’s kingdom, and she will be there forever, no more loneliness and painful.  



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