On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)

Leaving Time

Dear Diary,

 As Cao Cao, one of the main characters in “Three Kingdoms “ (my favorite Chinese series) said, “I better betray  to the world, before the world betrays to me”.    Therefore, without saying good bye, I have to made decision to leave “them” behind and let my life to go on.  It is a tough decision, but I have no choice because future is waiting for me. 


In the past, I admit that I put too much effort, in caring and loving for them.  However, most of them returned to me with disappointment and ignorance.  Recently, I keep ask myself, why I should spend all my life time to deal with these people since they failed my trust and they disappointed me again and again.   Finally, I have an answer for myself.   I already do my best and nothing I can change them, so just leave them alone as they were before, they’re not going to die without me.   It is time to leave them because in this world there are many poor people still need more helps, and I should be the one available for their needs.  It is better than spending time with the group of people who get lost in their minds and never appreciate whatever I do for them. 

What else I want from them?  They ‘re just a human being.  Don’t expect anything from them more than wishing them to live well in God’s hands

It is a mixed feeling between good and bad before leaving.  The good one is I don’t need to put my mind to care or worry for them anymore.  I’m free and out of the cycle of those pretenders. However, the bad one is the memory about them still stay forever in my mind! 


 If you were me, what would you do world?


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