On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)

The Emptiness from Estate Sale

Last week I went to the Estate Sale.  I enjoy looking around each item not for price or deal, but for feeling. 


   Two beautiful sets of Chinaware displayed on a big oval fancy dinner table.  All linen sheets, pillows, towels, handkerchiefs, handmade crochet aprons, and other fabric items were laid on a king size bed in the master bedroom.  Each sewing craft was handmade from someone who liked to spend time to create each piece.  Many oil painting pictures in the wood frame hanged on the wall.  All household  items were waiting for new owners to look and to buy them, if nobody buys, they maybe were sent to somewhere, or maybe end up in trash cans, who knows.


I walked follow the big sign said,” More in the basement”, so I went down there.  There were different kind of old tools, three big boxes  of old Christmas items, the big pile of the old catalogs, and about hundred hard cover old books were piled up on the big table in the dark corner.  I carefully opened each book not to read, but I wanted to feel the missing moment of good old time.  I imagined when these books first arrived to their owners of this house; these books maybe were set in order series on the shiny wood bookshelves.  Their owners maybe comfortable sat on that big couch in a living room and spent time read each one of them.   Those Christmas ornaments used to decorate on a fresh pine tree for family to celebrate Christmas season, maybe it stood next to the warmth fire place in a living room, where filled with laugh and joy of family members.   Time passes by; all these Christmas items were kept and waited inside the plastic boxes in the dim light basement.  


Touching each item, I could feel the loneliness and sad inside that house.   If each one of those items could tell me about their past, I maybe hear more happy stories of this house from them.  I kept looked around each room where filled with many items for sale, as the same time each room also filled with loneliness of leaving moment.  Soon, all house’s doors and windows would be close with the sign “For Sale” stood in the front yard.  The moment of happiness and cheerful gone since the last old owner departure from this world.  Nobody lives in this house until the new owner(s) will arrive.     


I came back home with the emptiness inside my heart.   I looked around all items inside my house.  I heard myself whispered, “All things in this world it doesn’t matter what it is, remember that in the moment you are holding, it is yours; but in the moment you are leaving, it is belong to someone else”.  Love or hate, all things will never be with us forever.   


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