On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)

Life Academy


             Do not count on only people you like, but also people you do not like. Learning about life, we need all experiences from our surrounding people like at home, at work, and anywhere we go. Every day we have to deal with different kind of people that we may like or may not like.  Most of time when we have to deal with people we do not like, we assume they come to ruin our day, or to curse us to have a bad day. Then we spend most of all day to think about what they said and what they done and let the bad mood sinks us in the frustration.

             Most of time, the negative thinking or irritate mood has stronger power than normal to push us to fall apart from the decent ideas. Although we feel hurt and pain about that, it seems we easy allow the bad feeling arouses inside us as wild animals roam free in the jungle.  The longer we let the bad thinking stay in mind, the bigger pain grows in head.   Sometime it takes control us and destroys good-friendship, self-respect, self-discipline, self-motivation and more. By the time our minds reach to the calming state, we maybe regret what had happened during the negative feeling roamed in our mind, but it was too late to turn time back to correct again.  

           It is not easy to set mind as a stone cut without any feeling when someone try to use abusive words to attack us.  It does not matter with or without his or her attention, it hurts.  However, to let ears for hearing abusive words, to let eyes for seeing angry faces and to let minds for thinking along with the negative words is our choice. None can forces us to be a submissive listener for these emotional attack, if we not allow. 

           How to do, if we have to meet the people we do not like, or have to listen words we do not want to hear?  Well, think about if we were in the bad storm, how do we help ourselves?  Should we run and try to find the safety place, or should we just stand there to wait for the lightening to strike?  Most of us will choose to find the safety place as soon as possible, or maybe a few odd people enjoy to selfie in the storm to challenge the death.

            In same situation, when we have to deal with the negative thinking and abusive  words or to face whoever we think he or she will give us the bad day, just make sure our mind is safe from these negative radius.   We must shield our minds with the strongest positive thinking.  Then, be ready to learn the good or the bad lesson as a student be prepared for different kind of quizzes.   Always remember, repeat, and remind yourselves that “I am the only one who can allow (or not allow) my day to be a bright and beautiful day.  I will not allow the doom and miserable day to stay with me.

                Therefore, do not only count on people we like, but also people we do not like.  Why?  Because for a curriculum  life studies we really need all kind of good and bad experiences include all kind of good and bad instructors, tutors, and teachers to teach us, to train us, and to test us  so that we can pass the examination of life learning as a survivor and a winner.  In each day, enjoy every moment that we have, count on every one that we meet, and thank you GOD for all life experiences that come to us one by one.  As long as we still alive and no matter how old we are, we all eligible to be “a successful graduate of the life academy”.   Yes, we are and we can by carefully  learning from bad and good experiences.    

© Rungaroon Plintron, 2017



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