On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)


February, white snow still cover the ground while the cold weather still hang around everywhere.  However, the warmth spirit of February makes the world turn around with the gentleness and wonderful feeling, called LOVE.

 Valentine Day is here to warm up people’s hearts in the cold countries, and to fill every emptiness with LOVE


Why is Love?  Because these four letters, L, O, V, E, when they join together into one word “LOVE”, it  has the strongest power and the wonderful magic effected to all living on earth.  Love is creating not destroying, love is giving not taking , and love is joining not separating.


As love  in the Bible says:


Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud;

Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable;

Love does not keep a record of wrong;

Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.

 Love never give up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.

 Love is eternal.

(Cor. 13:4-8).


Let see if we can find more words than LOVE out from these four letters.   

The first “L”.

 Believe it or not? There are many positive words meaning start with “L” examples: like, life, learn, loyal, live, laugh, light, luck, luxury, long, leader, lucky, love, and more.  If we look closely to each word, it’s meaning represents the grace from God to all of us.


The second letter “O”.  This alphabet is used to writes a ton of words that has great effect to us. Such as optimist, outstanding, open, outcome, outgoing, owning, oneness, overcome and more. 


The third letter “V”.  Such as vitality, value, virtuous, very, vulnerable, variety, vow, vigor and more. 


The last one “E”.  To list all of positive words that starts with “e” I have to use more than hundred piece of papers to write down and by the time I finish the list, most of my readers in deep sleep because their eyes too tried to read my list.  However, let me give a small bunch of these words as examples of E: enlightenment, excellence , encouragement, endurance, eternal, education, enthusiastic, and more.


Therefore, giving the word “Love” to each other, it can turns the darkness to light, the emptiness to fullness, and hopeless to hope.  I always have my three wishes on Valentine Day for years are:


First, I wish I could pick up all love seeds to grow as big trees so that the pollution of “hate” will disappear forever.


Second, I wish I could fill every emptiness space with love, so the loneliness will eliminated and away from all hopeless and homeless’ hearts.


Third, I wish I could use the power of love to heal all sickness, so the suffering is run out from this world.


How about you? What are your wishes for Valentine Day?  Whatever you wish, I wish you have them all.  I wishing all of you have the great happiness and great love on February 14th.  If you ask me what do I love?

Oh! yes, I do love Valentine Day and you!


                                                        © Rungaroon Plintron, 2018





2 comments on “LOVE

  1. englepip
    February 25, 2018

    A beautiful biblical passage and your thoughts arising from it – well expressed. Happy blogging and enjoy your week ahead.


    • รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร (Rungaroon Plintron)
      February 26, 2018

      Welcome to my blog englepip!
      Thank you very much for compliment and your time. Please stop by again.

      Liked by 1 person

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