On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)

Black Bear and Lai Sur

Black Bear was a stray dog about five years old.  His old master was a construction worker, who never came back after finished the building contract.  Many people called him “Black Bear” because of his fluffy black color hair and sometimes he stood on two feet when someone handed food to his mouth.


Black Bear was not only dog lived around that area, but also Lai Sur, a stray female dog that someone also abandoned her since she was a skinny puppy.  Lai Sur never lets people to pat her. Most of time she nervous and ran away when someone try to reach her.  Both of them had five puppies once, but all puppies were adopted to different locations.  Since then they never had more puppies.


Black Bear was a gentle, polite, and friendly dog.  Many people like to hand him some food, then his leftover food was benefit to Lai Sur too.  Both dogs lived around that building as their home sweet home.   Every morning about 7:00 or 8:00 A.M. they came to the outside cafeteria of that building for whatever food they could find in the garbage can, or sometimes some officers gave them leftover breakfasts.


 Most of time Black Bear liked to sit  around the parking lot he acted as a guard for all cars.  He also liked to sleep under any car for hiding heat from the sun during daytime.  Most officers would be aware about Black Bear, so before they start their car they would checked and make sure Black Bear came out from under car.  Lai Sur always waited a few feet from Black Bear,  or she would sit next to the building.


 At noon most of officers have their lunch at the cafeteria, that mean lunch time  for Black Bear and Lai Sur too.  Black Bear would sat patiently next to the entrance and waited for someone to hand food for him.  Lai Sur would waited a little bit farther from there and waited until lunch hour passed by.  Then the caterer brought  waste food for her.


At late afternoon, Black Bear would visited some of his favorite officers in each department for a while then he came out to wait in front of the building until closed time.  Although Lai Sur didn’t like to come close to the building, she would waited for Black Bear next to the small bush outside.   Dinner was not available for them because the building closed.  However, one group of dogs’ lovers (one of them was my sister) always save their left-over food for both dogs before they go home.  Weekend was the tough time for Black Bear and Lai Sur because nobody there and also no food.  They had to search their own food around that area in any garbage can that they could find.  Then both of them would ran around that government building to protect that area as if their own property.


On February 12th, 2018 after Black Bear greeted with one officer in the morning, he crawled to sleep under one parking visitor’s car as his routine.  A few hours later many people heard the last loud yelp from Black Bear, but no one know what had happened to him at that time.  During lunch time, Black Bear was not at his place as he used to do.  The dogs’ lovers group tried to look for Black Bear, but couldn’t found him. 


About 2:00 P.M. one guard came to my sister,(Aom) and he told her that he found the dead Black Bear outside of town about ten kilometers from the City Hall.  Who brought him there and why went that far?

 Aom rushed to that place right away.  As told, Black Bear was laid down under the tree.  Aom brought his body back and let her co-worker buried Black Bear in the corner of back yard where is not far from the building.

Since then Lai Sur has been searched for Black Bear every day.  She runs around the parking lot, the building, and cafeteria maybe she wonders why Black Bear never comes back again.  Lai sur seems to eat less and less as if she wants to give up on her eating soon. 

                                               One broken heart dog

                                                Keep runs and looks for the lost   

                                                dark nights flood with tears.



                                                        © Rungaroon Plintron, 2018





Last greeting from Black Bear




My sister (Aom) searched for Black Bear.


Black Bear was found under the tree.










2 comments on “Black Bear and Lai Sur

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    • รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร (Rungaroon Plintron)
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      Thank you very much for your visit and suggestion. 🙂


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