On My Days & In My Mind (by Rungaroon Plintron)

เล่าสู่กันฟังในวันว่างๆ (โดย รุ่งอรุณ ผลินธร)

Letter to my enemies,

Dear my enemies,


Every morning I keep tell myself that:

“Today is the best day and I can go through it.”

Each day has different outcome in my living, but as long as I’m breathing, I keep on my hope.  Hope and faith are come in one package, cannot have one without another one.  Therefore, I always carry this package with me as my safeguard for protection from depression.


Long time ago, I used to put hope on others’ hands, but most of time they failed me and broke my trust.   Yes, it hurt, but I’m not going to weep, or to waste my time forever for those disappointments.   


Frankly, I hate when obligation and commitment meet each other in the half way for choosing.  Most of time I turn down both sides because too much pressure for me to handle.  Life is hard enough to deal; why should I carry on the pressure that I am not the one who create it?


For me, life is about adding because as years pass, it adds experiences to our lives as adding pages to a book.  However, it depends on what we should to add, or should to delete from each day that passed by. 


Sometimes life shows surprising in the wrong time, but it helps me to be aware of life moving in each moment.  Walking through life street needs extremely caution; it challenges, but it is fun to find out the final result.  To be a winner or a looser in life, is not by fate, but by choice to choose.  


P.S. Dear my enemies, sorry that I cannot fall down for you to walk across as easy as the rose garden, but you will experience as walking in the explosive field. Yes, I dare to challenge you!


© Rungaroon Plintron, 2018


Credit picture from Pexels :Thank you very much.

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